VNRC Statement on U.S. Climate Accord Retraction

Shortsighted Decision Puts Onus and Opportunities on States to Act

Yesterday’s announcement by President Donald Trump to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement is a deeply shortsighted move.

“This decision not only fails to protect vulnerable people and future generations but it leaves the greatest economic development opportunity this world has ever seen in the hands of global innovators who understand that the future – and financial prosperity – is in the clean energy sector,” said VNRC’s energy and climate action program director Johanna Miller.

The Trump administration’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement clarifies that the obligation and opportunity in responding to climate change lies squarely with the states. In Vermont, that means that individuals, communities and the state’s must lead like never before. In particular, it will require Governor Phil Scott to step up significantly.

“Governor Scott must move beyond rhetoric and put forward real solutions that will make meaningful progress on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating a more efficient, renewable 21st century energy economy,” said VNRC’s Executive Director Brian Shupe. “We call on Governor Scott today to join the growing number of states in the newly convened U.S. Climate Alliance; a partnership of state governors and mayors who are committed to following through on the obligations set under the Paris Agreement.”

Yesterday’s news of the U.S. abdicating its responsibility as a global citizen requires a swift and meaningful response. Collectively, the U.S. is the most significant, singular contributor driving our warming world. Municipalities and state’s must lead, and Governor Scott in particular must step up today.


There’s never been a more important time to get involved locally. Join or start an Energy Committee in your town to make an impact. Ask VNRC or VECAN to how to start today.

VNRC Statement on U.S. Climate Accord Retraction posted first on Green Energy Times


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