Theater in the Woods Kickstarter Campaign

SolarFestDear SolarFest Friend,

You probably know Theater in the Woods as a beloved aspect of SolarFest. In 2016, it branched out as a stand-alone educational camp for kids, run by the creators and actors who grew up with it.  It was a fantastic beginning to what we hope will become another Vermont summer staple, in partnership with SolarFest: the camp produces a Frank Asch play that continues to be a feature at our July festival.

Theater in the Woods has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for scholarships for kids and to support their operational costs. Their goal is a modest $15,000 that they would put to wonderful use over the next three years – but even longer if they can surpass that goal!

A Kickstarter campaign is all or nothing, and it has a shelf life. This campaign ends the morning of May 25th

Our partnership with Theater in the Woods is deep, and we know that many of you have fond memories of the performances. Please take a look at the Theater in the Woods Kickstarter campaign and help this unique educational community reach another generation!


Theater in the Woods Kickstarter Campaign posted first on Green Energy Times


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