April 9 Energy News

Headline News:

  • With a wind farm, solar park, biogas plant, and Germany’s largest battery system, the village of Feldheim is independent of the utility grid, getting all its electricity and heat – a significant factor in an area with sub-zero winter temperatures – from a local grid paid for by residents, the municipality, EU subsidies and loans. [The Hindu]
Wind turbines at Feldheim (Photo: Odd Andersen)

Wind turbines at Feldheim (Photo: Odd Andersen)

  • A recent survey reveals the increasing mode of temperature in the eastern part of the Arctic Ocean. The cold water beneath the ice is not as salty as the somewhat warmer water below it, so it is lighter and floats on it to shield the ice. Now, that inversion is being reversed, and the Arctic Ocean is becoming more like the Atlantic. [Science Times]
  • The share of renewable energy in the Philippine power mix already reached as high 31.4% on combination of emerging and conventional technologies, according to the Energy Secretary. Hydropower has a 16.7% share, followed by geothermal with a 8.8% share, solar with a 3.1% share, wind power at 2.0%, and biomass at 0.8%. [Manila Bulletin]
  • At the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation’s Burlington headquarters, numerous stakeholders met to review the key findings of the Vermont Solar Pathways study and participate in a roundtable discussion about implications for utility planning, economic development, land use, and sustainable energy goals in the state. [vtdigger.org]
  • Tesla inaugurated a solar farm with a capacity of 13 MW on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. It has 54,000 panels connected to 272 Tesla Powerpack lithium-ion batteries for a storage capacity of 52 MWh. The new farm can store surplus energy harvested during sunny days, to supply electricity island at any time, including when it rains. [The Quebec Times]

For more news, please visit geoharvey – Daily News about Energy and Climate Change.

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