April 4 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • Tesla’s market value has overtaken that of Ford after shares in the electric car maker added more than 7%. At the close of trading Tesla had a market value of $49 billion (£38 billion), compared with Ford’s value of $46 billion. Tesla’s shares rose after the company announced record vehicle deliveries in the first three months of the year. [BBC]
People in line to reserve a Tesla Model 3 in 2016 (Aaron Muszalski, Wikimedia Commons)

People standing in line to reserve a Tesla Model 3 in 2016 (Aaron Muszalski, Wikimedia Commons)

  • Vattenfall signed a new grid storage agreement with BMW for the purchase of new lithium-ion batteries to store electricity generated by the company’s wind turbine facilities. The batteries will be the same 33-kWh batteries used by BMW to power its i3 electric sedans. The contract calls for the delivery of 1,000 batteries a year. [CleanTechnica]
  • Scottish wind turbines sent more than 1.2 million MWh of electricity to the National Grid in March, according to new analysis of data. In a news release, WWF Scotland said that turbines produced enough electricity to meet the electrical needs of 136% of Scottish households, an increase of 81% compared to March 2016. [CNBC]
  • At the urging of the Sierra Club, the EPA’s scientific integrity official is reviewing Trump-appointed EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s comments to see if they violate the agency’s scientific integrity policy. The policy requires that all agency employees, including Pruitt, “communicate with honesty, integrity, and transparency.” [Mashable]
  • The US EPA withdrew a proposed framework to help states comply with the Clean Power Plan, days after President Donald Trump told the agency to reconsider the rule. The framework would have offered states a “model rule” they could use to set up emissions trading programs to meet their Clean Power Plan targets. [Argus Media]

For more news, please visit geoharvey – Daily News about Energy and Climate Change.

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