Saturday, Feb 7, 2017: Climate Action Training in Southern NH

Do you wish the US and world was adequately addressing the growing problems of global warming, climate change, sea level rise, ocean acidification from the global use of fossil fuels?  A national nonprofit, nonpartisan, grassroots group called Citizens Climate Lobby is doing something about it, and we are looking for more volunteers.  New Hampshire has two mature chapters and a third is being created now.  To get this local group running we are planning a group start workshop training, and you are invited.
Location:  Hooksett Library
Who:  Anyone interested in helping enable Congress to address global warming from fossil fuel use with a market-based, revenue neutral solution that is supported by climate scientists (eg. James Hansen, Michael Mann, Katharine Hayhoe), economists and thought leaders (eg. George Shultz).
How to decide if this is for you:
1) Dial in and listen to a CCL Introductory Call. The live call is every Wednesday at 8:00 PM Eastern1-866-642-1665 passcode 440699#.  Or you can sign up online to register or listen to a recording at
2) Browse to and look around.  Check out the top menu options under “About” and “Our Climate Solution”.
3) Consider the following:  this is an opportunity get your opinion about this issue heard in Washington DC.  Joining Citizens Climate Lobby is an efficient, effective way to help generate the political will for significant action, and to work with Congress to make it happen.
Citizens Climate Lobby is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, grassroots organization working to get federal legislation passed for the Carbon Fee and Dividend solution.  If you are interested in joining the training workshop, please click on the “Join CCL” button in the main CCL page and sign up.  That will connect you with CCL and with the volunteers coordinating the training.  Hope to see you there!

Saturday, Feb 7, 2017: Climate Action Training in Southern NH posted first on Green Energy Times


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