Efficiency Vermont’s Better Buildings by Design Conference in So. Burlington, VT


Better Buildings by Design is the region’s premier design and construction conference, which features interactive learning about building durability, efficiency, and value for both residential and commercial projects.

Green Energy Times is at the event and is happy to report that there were about 350 contractors, architects, engineers, manufacturers, vendors (62 of ’em), and writers (2), gathered at the Sheraton Hotel in South Burlington on Wednesday, Feb 1st to share experiences and hear what’s new in making buildings more energy efficient and comfortable. 
On the first day of the event, one highlight worth taking note of was regarding California’s goal – one that will hopefully follow across the country — especially here in Vermont and the northeast. Rick Wagernagel, who is representing Green Energy Times at the event reported that:
  • California now has a goal that starting in 2020, 100% of all new homes in California will be zero-net-energy homes.
  • Workshops included tips on cost-effective energy efficiency, new tools for designing buildings and changes in lighting technology, among others.
The Conference continues Feb 2.


Learn more about the event overview for Thursday — the schedule, speakers, vendors and all conference information regarding this event here.  

Efficiency Vermont’s Better Buildings by Design Conference in So. Burlington, VT posted first on Green Energy Times


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