January 24 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • California now has three completed energy-storage sites, and they constitute the biggest test yet for the technology, notes The New York Times. Energy-storage development picked up after a massive 2015 gas leak in Aliso Canyon, a large-scale disaster for the environment that also cut off fuel to local power plants. [Christian Science Monitor]
Wind turbines in Washington (Rick Bowmer / AP / File)

Wind turbines in Washington (Rick Bowmer / AP / File)

  • The Scottish Government published a draft climate change plan which aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 66% by 2032. Scotland exceeded an interim target of delivering a 42% emissions reduction in 2014 – six years early. At the start of 2013, only 13% of the country’s total final energy consumption had come from renewable sources. [Energy Voice]
  • The levelized cost of offshore wind energy dropped in the UK because of larger, more efficient turbines, competitive auctions, and cheaper capital, according to a report. The levelized costs dropped 32% last year, to £97/MWh, beating a goal to pass the £100/MWh threshold by 2020, and making offshore wind cheaper than nuclear power. [Bloomberg]
  • As President Donald Trump prepares to boost fossil fuel production, a Pew Research Center poll finds that nearly two-thirds of Americans would rather the US focus on developing clean energy. The new poll shows that 27% said fossil fuels should be a priority, compared with 65% who favored renewable energy. [Huffington Post]
  • The Senate Foreign Relations Committee narrowly approved Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State, despite concerns about his business ties to Russia. Where votes on cabinet positions are usually non-partisan, this one had 11 Republicans voting in favor and all 10 Democrats against. The matter now goes to a Senate dominated by Republicans. [BBC]

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