December 25 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • Atlantis Resources announced it has switched on of its first 1.5-MW tidal stream turbines in the Inner Sound of Scotland’s Pentland Firth. Four turbines are scheduled to be installed, but Atlantis wants to grow the project eventually to include dozens of turbines generating up to 400 MW of electricity through tidal power. [Interesting Engineering]
Tidal turbine (Atlantis Resources image)

Tidal turbine (Atlantis Resources image)

  • By studying the chemistry of growth rings in quahog shells, experts from the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences pieced together the history of the North Atlantic Ocean over the past 1000 years. The shells showed growth correlated to natural cycles until 1800, after which it became more related to carbon dioxide emissions. [Knowridge Science Report]
  • In 2016, renewable energy surpassed coal as the largest source of installed power capacity. China’s carbon emissions peaked. The German upper house voted to ban gasoline-powered cars by 2030. Vancouver chose to ban natural gas in new buildings, also by 2030. And Canada is well on its way to a renewable future. [The Globe and Mail]
  • The Hawaiian Electric Companies outlined a plan that aims at using renewable resources to meet 100% of Hawaii’s power generation needs by 2045. The companies forecast they will greatly exceed the state’s renewable energy milestones. They expect to be 48% renewably powered by 2020, where 30% is mandated. [Satellite PR News]
  • The Kidder Hill Wind project gave a 45-day notice of intent to file a permit with the Vermont PSB for two wind turbines up to 499 feet tall. The turbines would be in Irasburg or Lowell. Kidder Hill is expected to contribute about $40,000 in local community payments and $40,000 to the statewide Education Fund each year. [The Newport Daily Express]

For more news, please visit geoharvey – Daily News about Energy and Climate Change

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