November 24 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • The National Renewable Energy Lab released the first ever technical and economic analysis of the potential of distributed wind power, from smaller turbines at home or business sites. The key finding is that distributed wind installed at millions of locations could technically power the entire country. [Renewable Energy Magazine]
This could power the country - Pika Energy wind turbine on a farm in Maine (Pika Energy photo)

Enough power for the entire country – Pika Energy wind turbine on a farm in Maine (Pika Energy photo)

  • “Can Trump undo Obama’s policies?” • The environmental achievements under Obama are considerable, and Trump can’t vanquish them with a snap of his fingers. Many power plants have already taken steps to rein in toxic pollutants. Obama’s clean car rules have already stood up in court. But Trump has many options. [The Colorado Independent]
  • Green Mountain Power has been looking to purchase 14 hydroelectric plants in Vermont and other New England states. The company says the deal would build its low-cost renewable energy portfolio and benefit ratepayers, but a solar developer says investments outside the state will slow down renewable energy development in it. [Vermont Public Radio]
  • St. Petersburg Florida has joined the likes of Los Angeles and San Diego in approving a commitment to transitioning to 100% renewable energy. It is the first city in Florida and the 20th city in the US to make such a mandate. In a unanimous vote, the City Council Committee allocated $800,000 in funds to implement the plan. [PV-Tech]
  • In Vermont, the Bennington County Regional Commission is rolling out an energy plan that includes data on current usage and sources, projections of future use, and strategies to support the state’s goals for cutting consumption and shifting more toward renewable energy production. A key goal is to produce more energy locally. []

For more news, please visit geoharvey – Daily News about Energy and Climate Change.

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