Alert! Geothermal bill on NY Gov’s desk. Clock is ticking

Will he sign?

A bill to establish a tax credit for geothermal heating and cooling systems in New York has just landed on the Governor’s desk. This bill is critical because space heating accounts for 1/3 of New York’s greenhouse gas emissions, and heat pump technology like geothermal is our way to a fossil-fuel-free space heating sector. This bill will help reduce demand for fracked gas and fuel oil and save clean energy jobs in New York. With the impending expiration of the federal tax credit for geothermal, our state geothermal industry is facing layoffs unless the Governor acts.

Please call Governor Cuomo today and ask him to sign the geothermal tax credit bill (A9925/S6249). This bill passed overwhelmingly in the NY State Legislature. Now it just needs Governor Cuomo’s signature. It is urgent to call today because he could make a decision on this bill any time within the next 9 days.

The number to call is: 518-474-8390.

Please call and pass this message on. You will be joining over 150 environmental organizations, elected officials, and businesses urging the Governor today to sign the bill.

Alert! Geothermal bill on NY Gov’s desk. Clock is ticking posted first on Green Energy Times


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