LES Conference Keynote Speakers

    Dr. Holmes Hummel                                         Donald Kreis
Clean Energy Works                                      NH Consumer Advocate
Increasing Access to Clean Energy for All Granite Staters

How can we ensure that everyone in our New Hampshire communities can benefit from energy efficiency and renewable energy? How do we create a clean energy economy for all?

Inclusive financing is an improvement to on-bill financing that allows any customer to access capital for energy efficiency and local renewable energy solutions – regardless of income, credit score, or renter status.  Because New Hampshire was among the first states to introduce this concept, the groundwork has already been laid.  However, its application in NH has been limited while utilities in other states have shown remarkable results with broader participation.

Join us on November 19th at the 2016 LES Conference to hear from nationally recognized expert, Dr. Holmes Hummel, and from NH’s consumer advocate, Donald Kreis, about how NH could benefit from specific types of inclusive financing and how it could be implemented across the Granite State.

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