Upper Valley Green Power Challenge

On behalf of Sustainable Hanover, we are reaching out to you and other clean energy advocates to  announce the Upper Valley Green Power Challenge.  We invite you to join us in introducing this unique opportunity for everyone in your community to switch from “brown” to Green-e certified electricity.

The Challenge is a buying group which originated in 2015 as the Hanover Green Power Challenge.  In its first year, Challenge members bought 2.5 million kilowatt hours of Green-e certified electricity avoiding greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to driving over 4 million miles!

Many neighbors from surrounding communities are already in the Challenge along with Hanover residents and businesses. Our new name – the Upper Valley Green Power Challenge – recognizes that the growing support for renewable energy is region-wide.

We are proud to have the support of Vital Communities to let people know that there is a way to access 100% renewable energy even if they’re not able to solarize independently at this time. Any resident or small business is eligible if they have a NH utility account.

The program is detailed on the FAQ available here. The FAQ includes the link to sign up online.

Please note enrollment in the buying group is time-limitedEnrollment ends on October 31, 2016.

Thank you for all that you do for our sustainable future.


Yolanda Baumgartner and Marjorie Rogalski

Co-Chairs, Sustainable Hanover

Upper Valley Green Power Challenge posted first on Green Energy Times


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